The Most Common FAQ-ing Questions:


What’s the Shipping Cost?

Zip, Zilch, Zero. All Our Rings Ship Standard Free. Go Capitalism!


What’s the Shipping Time?

Each of our rings is unique to you, which means we forge every ring the moment you order it. The crafting process can take a week or two. After the ring is made, standard US shipping is 5-7 days. But you can always upgrade to speedier shipping options at checkout. You know the drill.


Do you Ship to My Weird Country That is Not The USA?

Not currently, but we value all weird countries, and we are working on international shipping. Hold the wedding and check back soon.


How do I choose a ring size online?

We put together a handy guide. Handy. Get it?


What is Damascus Steel?

In short, it's the World's Most Epic Metal: an ancient, highly crafted type of stainless steel, and it has a backstory story full of Kings, Crusaders and Samurai. Check out our Damascus only FAQ to get your metallurgy fix.


Does Damascus Steel Shatter?

Nope. It’s steel, and steel doesn’t shatter, which is a good thing because most buildings and bridges are made of it. Also Superman.


Can You Cut it Off In An Emergency?

Yes. Or you can have a professional doctor or somesuch cut it off, which is probably a lot safer than giving it a try with your other hand.


What’s your return and resize policy?

It’s one-of-a-kind and absolutely amazing. Our Man Up Guarantee lasts forever and works like this: If we make a mistake on anything about your ring, we’ll Man Up and change it at no cost to you. Same goes if we make 100 mistakes. We’ll Man Up to every single one at no cost to you.

If you make a mistake on sizing, or you lose or gain a bunch of finger-weight, then all you have to do is Man Up and tell us and we’ll change it at no cost to you, forever. 

There simply is nothing like our Man Up Guarantee anywhere on the internet, and it’s one of the things that makes Empire Bands amazing. At least we think so. 


Are my Damascus “swirlies” going to be exactly like the one in the picture?

The overall pattern of marbling (or “swirlies”, if you prefer) is going to be the same as the one in the picture, but the exact marbling (“swirlies”) is as unique as a human fingerprint. It depends on which part of the Damascus bar or billet the craftsman uses to cut your ring. No two rings are exactly alike, which is pretty great if you think about it.