We Make it Easy

Choosing a ring size is the #1 problem with buying rings online. We get it. And we make it as easy as a Choose Your Own Adventure to confidently pick a ring size:

"Brave shopper, you approach the online shopping cart with trepidation. You think, What if I choose the wrong size and have to send it back? What if I lose or gain a bunch of finger-weight? You are faced with a choice: 

If you know your ring size from a previous ring purchase, you can proceed confidently through checkout and trust that Empire Bands' Man Up guarantee has you covered.

Our Man-Up Guarantee offers lifetime free resizing. Nobody else on earth offers a guarantee that epic. 

Or, if you don't know your ring size, you can proceed confidently through checkout and we will send you a FREE ring-sizing kit before we finalize production of your Damascus Steel ring. We understand this is an important purchase, and we'll work with you to make sure the fit is perfect.

Brave online traveler, what will you choose?"

Either way you're going to be alright :)